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Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers whilst travelling with us and have a developed and clear strategy to ensure our suppliers meet local and national standards of safety and that the company is indemnified to the highest industry standards All our suppliers who are responsible for the operation of our services overseas and in the UK carry out their duties in accordance with our guidance and operation manuals. We constantly strive to improve our safety standards wherever appropriate and insist on the highest quality available in all our worldwide destinations.

Section 1: Liability Insurance
Although all the suppliers of our services have their own Public Liability Insurance which will always be the first point of recourse, we have taken the extra precaution of having an additional policy to these, to ensure that our passengers will be adequately compensated in the event of a serious accident whilst travelling with A2Btransfers.com.

This policy is reviewed and renewed on an annual basis to ensure that it is appropriate for the requirements of our business.

A2Btransfers are fully insured with Arnold Fisher Insurance Services Ltd for the following indemnities:

  • Employers Liability: Limit of any one event is GBP 10 million

  • Public/Products liability: Limit any one occurrence and in all any period of insurance in respect of products liability is GBP 10 million

  • Legal Defence Costs: Up to GBP 250000

  • Professional Indemnity: Limit any one loss up to GBP 1 million

  • For full details of our Terms and Conditions please click here: A2B Booking Conditions

Full details of our liability insurance cover can be supplied upon request

Section 2: Operating Licenses and Certification
All our suppliers agree and certify that they fully comply with any national and local trade regulations or legislation and possess all the necessary licenses and insurance policies as required by local law.

Section 3: Supplier Contracts
Acting as an agent for the suppliers we undertake a strict vetting procedure for contracting with our suppliers in order to assess the suitability of each supplier.

We do not work with any supplier without signed contracts and with each supplier undertaking to adhere strictly to our policies.

All contracts are subject to compliance with the requirements set out in this document, and provision of the appropriate operating licenses and suitable levels of public liability insurance. The specific duties of the supplier are clearly laid out in our contracts, to ensure that the services are conducted in a uniform and professional manner across all the countries in which we operate.

All suppliers agree to the following duties, amongst many others, under our contracts in relation to Health and Safety. A copy of this contract can be requested at any time.

Some of the key Safety points covered include:

  • Responsibility of suppliers and their sub-contractors.

  • Coach seat belt policy and main risk seat policy to ensure full safety of clients.

  • Safety checklist on coaches and vehicles and responsibility on drivers to check vehicles.

  • Staff attitude, staff dealings and communications with a2btransfers.com, its clients and partners.

  • Vehicles road-worthy condition, cleanliness, maintenance, that they are on average no more than 8 years old and that they comply in all respects with the laws of the country where they are operated.

  • Under local law and regulations: drivers qualifications, licenses and dress code.

  • Vehicles meet F.T.O. (Federation of Tour Operators) specifications and must have appropriate first aid kits, appropriate safety features and other safety certificates.

Section 4: Quality control and safety audits
All suppliers are required to complete a self assessment audit when we start trading. Annual self assessment audits are required in our top selling destinations, using forms that we provide to each supplier. Representatives from A2Btransfers.com may also carry out both announced and unannounced site visits to check that standards are being met. We undertake meetings with our suppliers to ensure that they are still operating in accordance with the high standards that we set.

Failure to maintain the required standards will result in the immediate removal from our list of approved suppliers.

We send out regular customer CSQs on their arrival back in the UK with detailed questions on their transfer experience, this customer feedback in terms of supplier performance is analyzed and should any issues of concern arise we will carry out in depth supplier inspections to ensure the supplier is maintaining our standards. We will change suppliers in instances where our supplier has fallen below the high quality of service insisted by A2Btarnsfers.

Section 5: Systems and monitoring procedures
Regular reviews of systems and procedures employed in the management of our safety policy are undertaken by all members of the senior management team and discussions with outside Health and Safety professional organizations regarding industry standards and procedures are held regularly.

All transportation provided to our customers must comply with the appropriate local safety regulations, as set down by that particular countrys regulatory bodies. The suppliers continually monitor developments in the law to ensure our compliance with current legislation.

In instances where equipment provided by our suppliers which are available for hire by our customers, such as baby seats, we include regular checks and the maintenance of this equipment forms part of our supplier contracts. As we however take safety extremely seriously, we always recommend that our clients take their own equipment such as child car seats and also fit their own equipment in the vehicle.

Section 6: Emergencies
Each supplier has a designated 24 hours Emergency telephone number which is printed on our voucher and which our customers can use in the event of a problem or incident in relation to the service provided.

In the event of a major incident we have our own Emergency Procedures in place which involves all of the senior management team in terms of liaising with customer and customers family/friends, supplier and resort. If necessary we would fly out a company representative to the city or resort to offer local support and assistance.

Safety of passengers, whether clients of A2Btransfers.com or not, is of the utmost importance and the drivers of all our vehicles will refuse carriage to any person who poses a threat to the safety of themselves or others due to their behavior.

Last Updated 01.08.10.