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If you like coffee, and have a massive amount of time on your hands, Pristina is the city for you. There are cafes absolutely everywhere, and most of them are packed through the warm season with fashionably-dressed young people, dropping a euro a day to keep them amused.

Shopping-wise, Pristina is full of good bargains but low on selection (and if you happen to be a man who wears M shirts or pants, forget about it). Silver is sold in the old quarter and is a pretty good value; Albanians are known throughout the former Yugoslavia as silversmiths.

Do as the locals do: In Pristina, this means korza. In the evenings, when its warm, a large proportion of the population heads out into the streets and promenades, between cafes or in with no particular destination. The objective is to see and be seen, chat with friends, and take in as much fresh air as possible before the horrific winter descends. Note that 53% of Kosovos population is under the age of 25, so most of the people on the street around dusk are teenagers and people in their early twenties. Lots of kosovar youngsters, sleeveless tshirts, short haircuts, all sorts of girls, and cigarette smoke.

Alternately, you can sit at a table in an outdoor cafe and watch the white UN vehicles enter and exit the UNMIK headquarters building. For some reason, it is strangely hypnotic.

Stay out late because the streets are safe and Albanians love Foreigners. Also go out to bars and such, as they are usually filled but make sure you drink some Peja beer.

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