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EGYPT Transfers

EGYPT Transfers 

Egypt is an ancient place, which attracts the modern visitor. With a breathtaking landscape and so many glories you can understand why Egypt has become a top destination with visitors all around the world.

Except for the obvious landmarks that Egypt is famous for it attracts a lot of visitors for its hidden treasures under the sea, divers recommend Egypt as one of the best dive sites in the world.

In the fifth century BC Herodotus wrote of Egypt that nowhere are there so many marvelous things...nor in the world besides are to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness - and not too much seemed to have changed.

- Cairo
The Capital city of Egypt - Cairo offers the discerned traveler some of the best and well known historical landmarks in the world:

The Pyramids of Giza
The only present-day survivors of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The largest and oldest of the Pyramids of Giza is that of Cheops (Khufu) . Also known as the Great Pyramid, it is thought to have been built between 2589 – 2566 BC. Located at the base of the south face of the Great Pyramid are five boat pits discovered in 1982, as well as a Museum which houses one of the boats.
The Sphinx
Eulogized in poetry, enthroned in legend, the Sphinx remains a symbol of strength, wisdom and mystery for eons. Partially buried several times over the years by the shifting desert sands, the Sphinx now stands fully exposed with its impressive dimensions visible to all. The body of a lion with the head of a king or god, the Sphinx lines up with the Pyramid of Khafre.

- Alexandria
Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, It has an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern; its ambience and cultural heritage distance it from the rest of the country although it is actually only 225 km from Cairo. Alexandria lies northwest of the Nile Delta and adjoins Lake Mariut. It is linked to Cairo by the Delta Road (231 km) and the Desert Road (225 km). It is one of the most notable summer resorts in the Middle East, known for its temperate winters and beaches, with soft sands and magnificent scenery that stretch for 40 km along the Mediterranean Sea.

Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, Alexandria became the capital of the Graeco-Roman Egypt, its status as a beacon of culture symbolized by Pharos and the setting for the stormy relationship between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. The city, immortalizing Alexanders name, flourished, beyond all expectations, into a prominent cultural, intellectual and economic metropolis, the remains of which are still evident to this day. There is so much to see in this city. Listed below is a brief overview of some of the sites that you can visit.

- Hurgada
Hurghada, known in Egypt as Ghardaga, was at one time just a simple fishing village. But now, with its crystal clear water, untouched reefs and a multitude of ship wrecks, it has become one of the best Egyptian tourist destinations. With more than 20 km of hotels along the beach, Hurghada can satisfy the needs of every visitor, from scuba diving to windsurfing to desert safaris. One can choose from the finest 5 Star Hotels to simple Guest Houses, and everything in-between.

Hurghada is world renowned as a center for some of the worlds best Diving. Within a couple of hours from your hotel you can be amongst a group of islands that are the home to Dive Sites guaranteed to astound even the most experienced divers.

- Luxor
Once the center of the ancient world, Luxor is the most important destination for any visitor interested in ancient Egyptian history. This outdoor museum has the largest collection of historical monuments in Egypt, distributed throughout the City of Luxor on the East side of the Nile, the town of Karnak north of Luxor, and Thebes on the west side of the Nile.

The Luxor area of Upper Egypt was the Thebes of the ancient Egyptians - the capital of Egypt during the Middle and New Kingdoms. Today it is famous for its temples. Next to Cairo, this is the city holding the most impressive Pharaonic monuments. And theyre bountiful too. Valley of the Kings, the Theban Necropolis and Karnak, are all a few kilometers away from the city of Luxor.

- Sharm El Sheikh
The Sinai Peninsula is a vast area of unspoiled beauty. The excellent quality of the water, the magnificent underwater world and the impressing panorama of the Sinai Mountains, all promise an unforgettable experience. Sharm El Sheikh is fast becoming the main attraction of this area.

A costal resort where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and sunshine, Sharm El Sheikh offers the vacationer a full complement of activities, whether water sports (water-skiing, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling), golf, tennis, horseback-riding or desert safaris, you will be spoiled for choice. If relaxation is what youre looking for, there is no better place to simply kick back and enjoy the sun.

Places like the Hard Rock Café, discos, cozy local oriental Cafes and fish restaurants guarantee that once the sun has set, your nights are also filled with fun and entertainment. Dont miss a night out in Naima Bay, one of the favorite gathering points for locals and tourists, snuggled in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh.



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