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Found in south-west Corsica, Sartene is a few kilometres into the mountains south-east of Propriano. The wealth of the town is founded on the highly rated local Sartene wine.

The tall buildings, built in the same rock as the steep hill on which they stand, look almost unnaturally solid and permanent. The centre of the town is found around the Place de la Liberation, and has good views across the valley. Take a look at Sainte Marie church on the edge of the square while you are there.

Sartène is also a good base for exploring the important prehistoric sites at Cauria and Palaggiu, with their fine dolmen and menhirs, and also the standing men stone carvings at Stantari. The stunning wilderness interior of this region of Corsica is on the towns doorstep, and the beaches around Propriana are in easy reach.

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