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A2Btransfers provide airport and resort transfer in Russia. We supply resort transfers and airport transfers in the form of taxis and minibuses from Domodedovo, Sheretmeyevo, Vnukovo, and Leningrad Airports to most resorts and hotels in Russia.


Moscow is a captivating city full of old world charm mixed with post-Soviet growth. It is full of aged buildings with stunning carved facades and pale pastel colors. Old women wearing head scarves and young people scantily clad can be seen hastening up and down the streets. It is the land of the bare midriff and brightly dyed hair! English is not really spoken at all here, though, and you wont find signs in English, so learn how to read the Cyrillic alphabet and learn some basic phrases! A helpful guidebook is essential, with a metro map in English and Russian inside. This is a great place to come see the exquisiteness of Europe and tour the place where so much history has been played out.

Go to the Moscow Metro Stations to see remarkable architecture and ride old Soviet trains. The Moscow metro has got to be the most excellent in the world. I have never waited for more than one minute for a train, its cheap, and the best part is how beautiful they are. Each station is splendid, with marble, chandeliers, carvings...and they have wonderful old wooden escalators that go incredibly deep into the ground.

Stay at a small and comfy hostel, like the Trans-Siberian Hostel. Your experience in Russia will be much more genuine if you stay in one of the flats and are in a neighborhood. It feels like going back in time and you have a opportunity to live with or around Russians.

Go and see the Ballet. Even if you dont like ballet, this is a enormous part of Russian cultural history and a night at the theatre seeing Swan Lake, composed by the Russian Tchaikovsky, will make you feel like you are back in Tolstoys Russia.

Of course you must go to Red Square, an imperative place in Russian history, as well as a great place to see many renowned Russian landmarks. A favorite part of Red Square is St. Basils Cathedral, which is beautiful inside and out. It is highly recommend going inside, its worth the few extra rubles.

In the gigantic red building in Red Square, opposite St. Basils Cathedral, is the State History Museum. Its wide-ranging and mesmerizing. Save some money by getting a joint ticket to the museum and St. Basils at the museum entrance. Go see the most famous mummy in the world, that of Comrade Lenin, in the Lenin Mausoleum. This is also in Red Square. The line isnt too bad and though the viewing is quick, its pretty amazing to see the man (even if he is dead) that has played such an important role in human history. Stalins grave is there too and you can give his state the evil eye.

Get away from the tumult by visiting the Novodenichy Convent. Not only is this large building impressive and beautiful, but the grounds are very serene and nuns in black habits roam about. It is beside a lovely lake, so bring a picnic lunch for a nice day out. If you are interested, you can visit the cemetery next door, which houses famous Russians such as the playwright Anton Chekhov.

Take a walk through the neighborhoods. While it may seem like an obvious suggestion, a lot of people forget to leave the well-trod sight path and never get a chance to really begin to understand a city and its people. Moscow has scores of old and appealing buildings and churches that are tucked away behind the main streets, as well as fascinating people watching. The city is very walkable and you will frequently see a nice place to have a meal or get a coffee.

No trip to Moscow, or Russia for that matter would be comprehensed without having a rest in one of the lovely parks.. Statue Park is a lovely place to spend a few hours as it is full of old and new statues and has been benches than people. Its silent, serene, and easy to get to. There are many examples of Soviet-era statues with a propaganda bent, as well as a number of lovely and unique art sculptures. If you are in the mood for more park, you can always walk across the street to Gorky Park.

Head over to the Kremlin as this is one of the most famous landmarks of the country. There are, of course, lovely churches inside the Kremlin as well as the Tsars Cannon. If youre lucky like I was, you may get to see Putins convoy drive by.

St. Petersburg is a city of unforgettable majesty, an royal capital that seems to have been built as a monument to its own passing. Less than three centuries have passed since Peter the Great began building his majestic city on the Gulf of Finland, but it is difficult to visit its vast, crystalline squares and palaces without feeling the enormity of the gulf that separates that time from our own. All of which, of course, makes St. Petersburg more reminiscent of Russias past than any place except perhaps the Moscow Kremlin. This feeling is only deepened by a more recognizable acquaintance. The mysterious homeliness of Peters cottage and the citys peaceful canals may contrast with the ominous sumptuousness of the Winter Palace, but they share with it a graceful tranquility that is difficult to forget.

Formally the capital of Russia, St. Petersburg contains a strong blend of politics and culture. Often referred to as the Venice of the North, the city has a beauty and spirit all its own. A city that captivates travelers, St. Petersburg, Russia is filled with tourist attractions that are ideal for visiting the attractions.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is one of St. Petersburg’s most profligate attractions is St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which is located in the heart of the city. Once the largest cathedral in Russia, St. Isaac’s Cathedral is a unique combination of architectural styles and art forms. The cathedral’s interior is embroidered with luxurious materials, including marble, lapis lazuli, and malachite. Adorning the cathedral are rich stained glass windows and intricately detailed mosaics. St. Isaac’s Cathedral also contains statues of trumpeting angels and beautiful golden fountains. By climbing the stairs of the cathedral, tourists can get a wonderful panoramic view of the city of St. Petersburg. For the art lover, St. Isaac’s Cathedral displays magnificent examples of Russian artwork and serves as its own living museum.

St. Petersburg, Russia contains various monuments to well-known historical figures. One of the most famous of these monuments is the monument to Catherine the Great, which is located in a square near the Alexandrinsky Drama Theater and the Russian National Library. The monument represents the reign of Catherine the Great, which is considered to be a magnificent era in Russian history. Created in 1873, the bronze statue shows Catherine the Great in her ceremonial gown, holding a scepter in one hand and an olive wreath in the other. Surrounding the statue of Catherine the Great are statues of other outstanding figures from her reign. As a whole, the display is a beautiful symbol of royal power and how it relates to Russian history.

One of Russia’s most creative writers, Fyodor Dostoyevsky set many of his novels in the city of St. Petersburg. For those travelers who are interested in viewing a literary display, the Dostoyevsky Museum is an ideal tourist attraction. The Dostoyevsky Memorial Museum is located in the apartment where the famous writer last lived, which gives travelers the opportunity to discover the author’s life firsthand. The museum contains copious displays that directly relate to Dostoyevsky’s life and work. Restored for the 150th anniversary of the author’s death, the apartment is the place where Dostoyevsky wrote his final novel, The Brothers Karamazov. The museum also shows displays of the author’s personal belongings that were given to the museum by descendents of the writer.

The Summer Garden was founded in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1704. Overseeing the planning of the garden, Peter the Great used strict geometric rules in the gardens design. The garden contains beautiful rare plants and exotic flowers, along with numerous statues and fountains. Italian sculptors created the statues in the Summer Garden, and many of the statues exhibit mythological themes. The garden also consists of the Summer Palace, which was the private residence of Peter the Great. Surrounded by the Neva and the Fontanka rivers, the Summer Garden is the ideal place for taking pleasant, peaceful walks.


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